Friday, October 5, 2012

WTF Sports: LOLO Went Full YOLO

The other night, I glanced at twitter before bed and noticed Lolo Jones was the topic of conversation ("trending" as the kids like to say). Since the Olympics were over and the Jets weren't playing a game (shout out to her virgin brother-in-arms Tim Tebow), I wondered what it could be. Then @BrianMFloyd sent me this:

Oh, Lolo. First, let me express my dissatisfaction with you for making me use the term "YOLO" in the heading of this post. Yes, the decision was all mine, but you gotta admit, it's almost irresistible when discussing your shenanigans. Second, perhaps I am too closely connected to college football to assume EVERYONE (including world class athletes) would know about the unfortunate injury sustained by former Rutgers player, Eric LeGrand, and his inspiring quest to beat the odds after becoming a quadriplegic. I mean, Eric's triumphant return to lead the Scarlet Knights on to the field at Rutgers stadium last October was only named the 'Best Moment of 2011' - with the emotional, snow filled scene gracing the cover of little known, niche magazine, Sports Illustrated. 

So, let's not be too hard on Lolo for firing off that tweet telling a football player to go get checked for a concussion (another niche issue, hardly recognized by anyone for their devastating and often deadly effects). She didn't know! But what was her reaction after being told by a number of her 300,000+ twitter followers that she just talked smack to a paralyzed guy who dared to challenge her to a duel of how many hurdles can we knock over race? Was she mortified? Humbly apologetic? Nope. She was more concerned with getting trashed for the comment and taking issue with Eric identifying himself as a Defensive Tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (the last classy thing his former college coach has done to date). I kid! Greg Schiano is a fine fellow. How was he supposed to know about this virtually unknown thing they do in the NFL called the victory formation? It's very niche. Like Sports Illustrated. And concussion studies.

But I digress. Back to Lolo. Perhaps she wouldn't have found herself being blasted for her insensitivity had she simply apologized to Eric out the gate once her gaffe was revealed. While commiserating with her followers about what a tough break she had just gotten, she waited for LeGrand to let her off the hook without even asking for his understanding. Lucky for her, LeGrand proves once again he is perhaps better than most of us.


  1. Don't understand the obsessions with Lolo Jones. Oh well.

    1. She just seems kind of like a vain, annoying athlete... and not particularly attractive.